Auto Auctions: How to Buy a Car Auction Step by Step

Auto Auctions 2

Auto Auctions: How to Buy a Car Auction Step by Step

Auto auctions are the quickest way—you bet for something you want, you should recognize the car’s faults and strengths, it is worth, and you must possess a cool head to restrict bidding at a particular point. The main attraction of car auctions being that some rare cars can be bought which you will not get anywhere else. Auctions in a way help avoid dealer’s mark-ups and excessive ambitious sellers.

To buy a vehicle at auction may be fun, please have a look to know about the steps to buy a car at auction.

To find auction selling newer cars and can be attended by general public

Some auto auctions are open for common public, but majority are done for dealers mainly. The cars or vehicles usually sold off at auction are off-lease, ex-rentals, government vehicles or repossessions, trade-in sold by dealership etc. You can do a fast google search with “your city/area &auto auction& public” and get to know about an auction in your nearby area.

To look at the inventory list and select few vehicles you like really

There are usually more than 100 vehicles listed in auctions and you can select your preferred model as per suitable budget. Try reading auction catalogue or the online one, in details. It may be a famous model, but look into the history of the car. Are the numbers matching? Re-bodied or new? Other things like total ownership trail, tribute or re-creation all these must be noted.

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Attending the auction is necessary

Though you have the facility to bid over phone, without physically being present at the venue of an auction but a personal visit to the place and inspection with your eyes is necessary.

Register as early as possible

Register early as a bidder and provide evidence you have the money to buy a car. You will need an account statement from your bank or statement of credit card, and asked you to sign a contract that discloses the buyer’s premium (a fee that is usually added to the bid). Do not show up very late and face a really long line; that means missing the very car you wish to buy. Get a list of the order of the cars at sign in and calculate when the ones you are interested in will cross the block. It is always wiser to register as early as possible, if you have a real intent to buy a car. In some auctions, they don’t allow to register after registering a certain number of people.

Check out the vehicles at the auction house

Generally every auction hosts a pre-viewing session a day before the actual event, where customers may start the automobile but test driving is not allowed. Some of the things you must check similar to buying an used car like inspecting underneath the car for fluid spills, popping the hood, and bringing someone who knows about cars better than you.

Due diligence for a handful of selected vehicles

You may check the nadaguides book value for U.S.A, or for the best car reviews. Try checking auto forums for the selected models for own experiences.


Fix your ,mind and establish a base price that you can pay

You must make up your mind and fix on a budget for the car you are going to buy. Stop yourself from crossing the estimated amount even though other bidders bid more for that preferred car of yours.

Try visiting one or two auctions to know in details about bidding process

The trick is that the auctioneer will usually start with a higher bidding value, do not fall for it. In some cases nobody will put out first bid, and it can go on for some time, and finally the auctioneer will ask for the first bid. In cases there is no starting bid, the vehicle will be let go by the auctioneer without bidding because they need to move through the vehicles with some rate of 15 on hourly basis.

Keep an eye for the trend or mood of the crowd in the auction before your vehicle is up for sale

In every auction there are people who are spending a lot and a percentage is frugal. You may find certain tools, furniture, or kitchen cabinets sold off at 10% of retail. But on different days at the same auction venue you may need to be paying for full retail without any discount. There is no specific reason for it. You must be ready to walk away and remember there is always another auction in week or two.

Getting an inspection at the auction is a must, if available

Getting an inspection done for the vehicle at the Auto auctions is a Buyer Protection Plan. If you find anything improper after the search, you may go to arbitration and hopefully the seller will reduce the price or you may choose not buying that vehicle at all. Keep in mind that you must deposit some amount at the sale day itself. After buying the car at auction, on the next business day you need to make the total payment.


Bidding is best performed when the auction ring-men can see you directly. They usually watch the crowd of people; you must ensure that you are fairly close and that they may with you and your paddle. Some tend to hang back and join the bid late; it may work sometimes, but may create another bidding upsurge. You must set your maximum limit and never go over-board.


Auction houses generally have reputed shippers who are in charge of transporting your car within enclosed trailer and this shipping is the last part. Try to avoid driving by yourself; it may get you stuck in a soup with huge repair bills. Some states have sales tax, though some are lucky to have none, so you must pay the tax is at all it is applicable.

The prices of some cars at the auto auctions may be quite high, some not even a good deal like say it can be 20% higher in Canada than U.S. So your due diligence for vehicles must be good, or you can lose on a good deal.

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Car Auctions in Texas: A Guide On How to Find a Car at a Government Car Auction

When searching for a car auctions in Texas, you are basically buying either a repossessed vehicle the state agencies like DEA, IRS and FBI have confiscated or a government pre-owned or surplus vehicles. Cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles – you name it, they have it.


Do not assume that these are all old and broken vehicles. It is hardly the case as many of them are only a few years old. You can even find sports convertibles at such government car auctions in Texas. The advantage of buying your automobile there is the heavily discounted prices. Due to laws and regulations, many are offered on auction for dirt cheap prices, way below what they could fetch in the open car resale market. We are talking about up to 95% off the retail value. Click here to find car auctions in Texas.




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What You Need to Know About Public Car Auctions

Public Car Auctions

What You Need to Know About Public Car Auctions


If you are in the market for a replacement vehicle, consider a local public car auction. Auto auctions are especially great for people on a budget because vehicles can run up to ninety percent less than where their market values are listed. Public car auctions are great resources for car buyers on a budget, but first timers should educate themselves. Catch up on how to take advantage of public car auctions if you are unfamiliar with the industry and its process.

Preparing for a Public Auto Auction

There are a few simple, but necessary, steps to take for anyone interested in purchasing a vehicle through a local public car auction. It is important to know that most auto auctions required registration and corresponding fees. It is usually not free to attend a public car sale. This is to thwart people with non-serious inquiries. Once you have determined where to register, be sure to read the guidelines if it comes with any. Some auctions have their own unique set of instructions to follow.

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After registering for the auction of your choice, begin to figure out a budget. Setting a budget helps relieve anxiety and stress that can come along with auto auction participation. Know your budget and stick to it no matter what the circumstance. When the budget is set, you can start to look into your finances. If you are going to need a loan, determine who or what will be your financial lender. Some auto auction firms provide pre-approved loans; if that is a route, you are comfortable taking. Banks and credit unions are other options for obtaining a car loan.

With the budget and loan in place, you should start thinking about the auction’s inventory of cars and vehicles. Moms may need more seats for kids, or business owners may need trucks for hauling and transportation. Be sure to inspect the inventory closely. Do not be afraid to start the ignition, test the heating and cooling, check the seat controls, and more.

Attending an inspection period is also a good opportunity to view the vast array of vehicles available for auction. A potential buyer can explore his options and see the starting prices of the cars. There are many choices for the public regarding models, colors, and types of cars including SUVs, coupes, sedans, trucks, and so on. An added benefit is that these auctions are held regularly and can even be found locally. The information is available both online and in local and national newspapers.

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With these incentives provided by public car auctions, car shoppers do not need to go to used and new car dealerships and spend hours at showrooms for expensive cars. Given the rough economic times we currently live in, going to an auction will help you find the next car for you and your family at an affordable rate.



Step by Step for Buying an Car at an Auction

auction cars for sale near me

Step by Step for Buying an Car at an Auction

Purchasing a car from an auction makes it possible for you to own rare cars that you cannot find anywhere else. You also get the chance to purchase peacefully without having to deal with over ambitious sellers or dealer markups. However, buying an auto at an auction is not a walk in the park. Several things can go wrong only for you to regret after you close the deal.

In the back of your mind, you think you have it all planned. From knowing the strength of the car, identifying the faults, knowing how much the car is worth, and when to stop bidding. However, when the auction day finally comes, you can easily get overwhelmed and forget what you knew. With the following tips, you will find buying an auto at an auction is easy and enjoyable.

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Familiarize yourself with the Auction Catalog

The model may be famous but you need to know certain features such as the history of the car. You need to know whether the car has been re-bodied, whether the numbers match, it has complete ownership trail as well as knowing if the car is a tribute or recreation. Reading the catalog also helps you determine whether the vehicle is out of place. For instance, a VW Beetle might be either cheap or wrongly placed at a muscle-car auction.

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Make a Physical Appearance

It is possible to place your bid on phone or online, which saves you a lot of time. However, it makes more sense to examine the car physically before placing your bid. It can save you surprises once your bid goes through.

Early Registration

An auto auction is bound to have several bidders competing to take home the car you have eyed. To increase your chances of winning, ensure you have registered early and provided evidence that you have enough cash to buy the car. To confirm your ability to purchase the car, you will need to provide either a bank statement or credit card. Then you will be expected to sign a buyer’s premium disclosure, which is the fee added to the winning bid.

On the auction day, be early or else you will find a long line leading to decreased chances of getting your dream car. At the sign-in, make sure you get a list of the cars available and mark the ones you are interested in cross the block.

Close Examine Each Car

If you are not conversant with car details, you can tag along with an expert. Close examining the cars helps determine whether the car is original and whether it has the right color. With an expert by your side, it will be easy to look beyond the shine details. For instance, he will help you understand VIN codes, the status of the engine, whether the car smokes upon starting, any possible leaks, or the production of annoying sounds.

Check the authenticity of the paint and if the owner is available, be sure to ask the right questions. If possible, check the documents being well aware that there is a possibility that cars that are too good to be true might also be in the auction.


The secret to increasing your winning chances is by sitting where the ring men can see you. Choose a strategic position where they can spot you easily. At other times, you might consider staying at the back but do not rely on this too much as the ring men might interpret it negatively. There are certain rules that you need to follow when bidding.

• Do not bid higher than you had planned

• Avoiding tagging along with a college buddy or a new girlfriend

• If you win the bid, avoid as much as possible staring at the TV screen because someone from the IRS might recognize your face.



This is the last step in buying an auto at an auction. Instead of driving the car yourself and getting stuck in remote areas and incurring huge repair bills, consider using the services of shippers. The reputable ones will transport your vehicle in closed containers. Also, remember there is a sales tax. You have to deal with it. The sales tax, however, is not applicable in all states.


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Government Seized Vehicles: Buy a Used Car at an Auction and Save Money

Government Seized Vehicles

Government Seized Vehicles: Buy a Used Car at an Auction and Save Money

Do you feel frustrated when trying to find a car or truck that you can afford? Do you get irritated when pushy sales people try to talk you into a vehicle that you don’t want? Now is your opportunity to comparison shop for what you need without the hassles of roaming sales lots and haggling over pricing. Government seized car auctions offers you a wide variety of high quality, low mileage vehicles to consider. Whether looking for a newer auto for every day use or a second vehicle to scoot around in, you can find what you want easily from the comfort of your home. Do you have a favorite model that you’d like to restore back to its glory days in your off time? Selection is almost limitless and the best deals in the markets are available for you to take advantage of.

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Shopping at car auctions open to the public can make the vehicle hunting experience more enjoyable and less hassle. You can relax in your favorite easy chair and browse through the wide selection of high quality, low mileage products on offer at your leisure. No high pressure salesperson to follow you around trying to force you to make a decision you will regret later. No searching in vain from sales lot to sales lot for what you require. No haggling with a dealer who has no intention of negotiating thus saving you time and energy. Everything you need to make a wise and suitable choice is available onsite. Product reviews, bidding advice, and detailed reports will make the decision making process less stressful and more satisfying. Some of the best deals in the marketplace can be found as government want to dispose of their seized inventory quickly which gives you the upper hand in negotiation for the car or truck that fits your budget and preferences.

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Cars at auctions are the perfect place for the bargain shopper or the person who has a specific vehicle in mind. Here you can find first-rate products worthy of your time and the effort to examine them. You can put yourself in the drivers’ seat and select all the options and goodies you desire. Take the opportunity to browse through all the cars and trucks available before making a decision and enjoy a more relaxing shopping experience.




Advantages of Buying a Car at a Used Car Auction

Used Car Auction

Advantages of Buying a Car at a used Car Auction

Have you been looking for a used car but you can’t find one easily? Why don’t you consider purchasing one from a car auction? Used car auctions can offer you  great deals on used vehicles. Before you decide to acquire your vehicle from an auction, you need to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of the car auctions. Here is a list of the top seven advantages of buying an auto from a car auction.

Great price

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a car from an auction is, of course, the price. This is the reason why most consumers will prefer to buy their vehicles at the auction. The possibility of finding a used car at a great price is high. You won’t find the prices at the auction anywhere else. Most of the retailers can’t compete with the prices at the auction. You stand a good chance of finding a well-conditioned car at a highly reduced price. Everyone is always excited about the idea of saving some few bucks while purchasing their car.

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Some of the cars at the auction are still in warranty

Although it may seem a little bit hard to find one, if you are lucky enough when purchasing a car from an auction, you could still bump into a car that is still under warranty. This means that you could still ask for the manufacturer’s assistance when the car develops any issues. Not all the cars in the auction center are old. Some of them just left the showrooms a few months ago.

You gain access to Classic cars

Classic car collectors are always serious about their business. In fact, they can sacrifice anything to obtain the best cars in the market. Whether you trade as a collector or you are simply hoping to make money from the other collectors, auction centers are the best stop overs for great collector items. Although the cars you find through auctions may be slightly damaged or have minor title issues, you can purchase them at massive discounts and then fix the problems later on. Once you fix the classic car, you might end up with one of the most valuable items in your life. Occasionally, you will only need to fix the minor damages, and once you do it, you can put the car up for sale at a triple price.

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Auctions guarantee good quality on vehicles

Before putting the cars up for sale, sellers usually check the car’s quality. They have to ensure that the car is in good condition and if there are any problems with it, then they are minor issues that can easily be fixed by the buyer of the car. When you purchase a vehicle from the auction, you are assured that the car is of high quality. Some auctions post the cars online giving you a chance to confirm the quality of the car online before you purchase it.

Being at the auction is fun

Sometimes fun matters. At least you deserve an opportunity to enjoy your life. You don’t have to be serious and focused on sealing the deal throughout the auction. Car auctions are a great hobby. You get the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people with different backgrounds and enjoy the company of new friends. If you think you might want to be a auctioneer, it may be your opportunity of finding a new career. Fun and enjoyment are never overrated.

You got a wide selection of vehicles you could choose from

There is virtually everything in auctions. Lots of cars from different manufacturers with different specifications are sold here. Walk into an auction and don’t be surprised when you walk out with your dream car. As mentioned earlier on, if you are the type of person who is into cars, you can find lots of classic cars at an auto auction.

You access hard-to-buy cars

The reality of the matter is that prices of some cars have skyrocketed in the recent past. It is almost impossible to purchase such autos in open markets unless you want to spend your huge amount of your savings. Auctions provide you with a cheaper alternative to owning such vehicles. Car auctions offer a variety of vehicles, from discontinued cars to expensive brands, all available at incredible discounts.

In most cases, car buyers hold a varied opinion on whether it is beneficial to purchase a car from an auction or not. Listen to the advice from experts and customers who have had first-hand experience buying cars from auctions before deciding whether a used car auction is right for you.


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Car Auctions Online – Learning The Secrets To Buying At Car Auctions

auction cars

Car Auctions Online – Learning The Secrets To Buying At Car Auctions

Are you shopping for a newer used car or truck? Are you frustrated with having to deal with over zealous sales people or the aggravation of running from car lot to car lot before closing time to try to find a vehicle that will suit your needs? Car auctions online can eliminate all that by offering you a wide range of high quality, low mileage vehicles at pricing well below that of dealerships and used car lots.

Websites that host car auctions have hundreds of products available to help you find exactly what you need at a cost within your budget. The variety of makes, models, and equipment options is almost unlimited and lets you select the van, truck, car, or recreational vehicle that is just right for you.

You can save yourself time and money by browsing car auctions online and comparison shopping for the vehicle you need at your convenience from the comfort of your home. No more haggling with dealerships or sales people who don’t want to negotiate anyway. No one dogging your heels and trying to talk you into something that is not suitable for you just to make a sale. With the wide selection of newer used vehicles available on websites hosting car auctions, you have the opportunity to locate the car, truck, or van you need at the best possible prices in the marketplace.

You can relax and take the time to find what you want without someone looking over your shoulder and pushing you in the wrong direction. There are thousands of recreational vehicles available as well that may pique your interest.

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Many of the vehicles offered for sale come from bank repossessions, insurance companies, theft recoveries, and dealership overstocks. You have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars by looking at these products and taking advantage of the fact that vendors often wish to dispose of their stock quickly to make way for new shipments that are arriving. Car auctions online present purchasers with such a vast assortment of vehicles to examine that you can usually find exactly what you are searching for with very little effort. For those who are mechanically inclined, or know someone who is, exceptional savings can be had by locating and buying a vehicle that needs minor repairs that can be done affordably to provide transportation that will be safe and reliable for many years to come. Car auctions are a shoppers dream with unbeatable pricing and almost unlimited choices.

Just imagine being able to look for the vehicle you need without even leaving your home. Car auctions online give you the time to find precisely what you need at a price you can afford. Product reviews, tips on the bidding process, and advice about purchasing a car or truck on the internet are all available at your fingertips and most sites offer links where you can find out important information regarding the make or model you are considering.

The range of cars, trucks, vans, snow machines, and other recreational vehicles is diverse and the choices available can make your shopping experience more relaxing and even enjoyable. Car auctions give you the flexibility to find a high quality, low mileage vehicle with the range of options you require at very competitive pricing that could be easier on your pocketbook, and provide you with satisfaction that you have made your best deal for the vehicle you desire.

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